How To Build Your First WebsiteWebsite development and how to build your first website, this is a basic guide to get your new website up and running and live online.

Building your website can be alot of fun and can also cause you alot of grief, as learning  how to build a website is a slow learning curve that can take a very long time.

However once you understand the basics of website development and get your website live online you will be able to learn new techniques and ideas to improve your website as you go along. 

We will run you through the very basics of the website building process from acquiring your domain name through to installing content management systems and loading your website on to your server, learning to build a website will take along time to master and you will encounter problems along the way but that is all part of the learning process and you will get a better understanding of how a website works with time. Please read this article on hosting terms to familiarize yourself with the terminology  Hosting terms you need to know


Domain Name & Web Hosting

The first step to building your website is to obtain a domain name and find the best web hosting provider for the style of your website, with most web hosting companies these days you can purchase a domain name from them when you sign up for web hosting or they may provide a free domain name with your first term of hosting, your domain name needs to incorporate your keywords for a better chance of ranking in Google and needs to be as short as possible and easy to remember.

Selecting a hosting plan to suit your website is a little bit more difficult, for a club website or community type website or just to get online at an affordable price then select from one of the many shared hosting plans that are available, we recommend a shared hosting plan with Siteground Hosting, for a small business or online forum or blog we recommend a VPS Hosting plan, and for large businesses or ECommerce we recommend a Dedicated server or Cloud hosting.


Choose Your Websites Platform

Website building sofware has advanced to a point now where just about anyone can setup there own website with a content management system, there are two major platforms for creating a great website Wordpress and Joomla, with a content management system you have total control of all your websites content from images through to blogs, articles and other essential website content.

Wordpress is the most popular CMS and the least complicated to learn, Joomla is a little bit more time comsuming to learn but offers more scope for building a more advanced website with added extensions plugins and modules that Wordpress does not cater for. Wordpress & Joomla Explained 


Installing The Content Management System

Thanks to the advanced features of modern day hosting, installing your content mangement system is really easy, once you have signed up to your favorite hosting company login to your hosting account and go to your CPanal account here you will find the installers for the popular CMS platforms.

Click on the Joomla or Wordpress icon then select the domain you registerd with, this will install the selected CMS on your domain automaticly creating the database and user name, usually this is just a one or two click installation, you can now use your browser and type in your url and you will see your very basic new website


Website Template & Themes

When your website is first installed you get the basic template that was supplied with the content mangement system install, however if you are not happy with the layout or do not like the style of the template you can upload a new one, Joomla websites have templates while Wordpress websites have a theme.

On a Joomla website login to your backend administration panal or you can access this from your hosting account and enter the username and password you setup with the CMS install, then search online for Joomla templates and buy a new template or search for the many free templates available, and go to templates listed under extensions and upload the new template, set as default for all pages and refresh your browser your website will now look a little different with the new template layout.

Get that beautiful website you always wanted, Fantastic Website Templates 


Create Interesting Website Content

Now that you have your basic website online the hard work really begins, in order to attract visitors to your new website you now need to add content that will first entice your website visitor to enter your new site and second to keep them entertained and coming back for more.

The way to do this is with informative and interesting articles based on your websites theme or topic what your website is all about, with Wordpress and Joomla websites there are numerous plugins that when installed will enhance and make loading new content more easy, plugins manage every thing from contact forms, image placement, online forums and you can even add an online store with little effort.

This information provided is just the very basics needed to launch your new website, and there are countless tweaks and optimization techniques needed to get your website onto Google page rankings, you will need to learn the basics of SEO, search engine optimization, described in this article SEO Basics  Your website layout needs to be crisp and easy for visitors to follow, you need to keep adding interesting content to attract new visitors, and hopefully you will have alot of fun running your very own website for many years into the future.

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